Time is one chief resource God has given to all human beings, we are all allocated twenty-four hours every day, and within this time we must discover what we ought to do.  As young wives and mothers, we must be very wise with our use of time. We must make sure our time is invested in the right things and at the right time.  Whatever season your marriage or motherhood is in, I want you to know that the time is now. The question to ask is, the time is now, for what?”
  1. To enjoy your marriage: whatever the basis and reason for getting married to your husband, and whatever the situation is now in your personal marriage, you can by the grace of God make it a time to enjoy that marriage. Marriage is a gift for this earth, Jesus told us in Luke 20 that there are no weddings nor marriages post resurrection. You only have this life to enjoy your marriage. There maybe a number of things happening in/to your marriage that cause it to appear  unenjoyable, you can find help as you turn to the pages of the Bible, talk to godly women and much more talk to God.  Do not postpone or banish the enjoyment of your marriage. It is possible to get the best enjoyment out of your union.
  2. To enjoy motherhood: motherhood is a lifetime journey and whatever stage you are in your mothering journey, make the decision to enjoy your children. The time is now to enjoy the company of your toddler, preteen, teenager, young adult etc. as they grow so quickly. How do you do this? Make every effort to put up with your child’s shortcomings and mistakes, correct in love and accept your child without reservations.  Know that every single second, minute and hour that you have with your child is a privilege and provides the opportunity to enjoy that time with him/her. Make it your priority to get involved in the life and development of your child. Maybe you spend long hours working so that you can give your child the best education, clothing and social life.  As laudable as these may be, the gift of yourself and your time given to your child, creates long term memories and causes  bonding with you and that child.  Postpone not the day of enjoying your motherhood to tomorrow, nor the time to forgive your husband to another day, the time is now.  The time is now to build a solid relationship with your spouse, and the time is now to build an enduring relationship with your child. The time is now, waste it, no more!!!! For everything the Bible says there is a time. Ecclesiastes 3:1
The time is now

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