The home is the woman’s primary office. The day to day running of the home is in the hands of the woman, and when a woman does this well, the husband is able to concentrate on his own responsibilities.
In the midst of the woman taking the day to day running of the home under the leadership of her husband, oftentimes, boredom creeps in; boredom in what she cooks, boredom in the activities available for the children, boredom in the things she and her husband do together.
In the early days of my marriage, my husband asked for varieties; varieties of food and snacks. Some years down the line, I believe that I have improved a little.
I did not arrive there quickly, neither can I say that I am fully there. I am still improving after nearly 2 decades of married life. I remember a trip to Italy some years ago which changed my ideas of meals. I looked at the way my host shopped for meal and cooked in her kitchen.  When I returned back home, I started implementing the things I learnt in Italy in my own home too, and I cannot tell you how much that has helped.
You as the woman in the home have that responsibility to introduce good, simple and not so expensive varieties into your home in relation to meals and as to activities.
How do you do that?
  1. Pray: Ask the Lord to inspire you as to what type of meals you can introduce in addition to what you already cook in your home. Do not think why you have to pray, God is the God of all wisdom, and He has all the skills needed for your home. I have benefitted severally from inspirations as I approach the Lord in the place of prayer over what may appear to be trivial matters. When you pray to God for ideas, I believe He will not deny you.
  2. Read books: There are many ideas locked up in books, as you read books or novels, you may come across activities or meals, why not try and explore? There are cook books too, look into them and try them out. You can get some of them at boot sales, your local library or ask friends to lend you what they have….don’t forget to return it though
  3. The internet: Ours is such a blessed generation, you can find all sorts of recipes from different continents online, why not browse a few that you may try? While browsing, be careful not to waste all of your time searching, be disciplined, and make plans as to how long you want to search for.
  4. Ask around: You can talk to ladies in your bubbles, do not overlook what you may or can learn from the community of other godly ladies. When you visit friends and loved ones, be on the lookout, you may learn from the way they cook, the wholesome activities they engage in, and who knows if that may be something you too can go to your home to implement. Ask ladies to record themselves making a dish you like and send it to you.
There are many games you can come up with in your household, I pray that the Lord will inspire you to come up with varieties in your own home, check out Christian books and online
Introducing varieties in your home

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